Who am I?


I grew up going on long road trips with my family all over the USA. I took my first trip to Europe at age 16 and was instantly hooked on international travel. I vowed to return before I was 25, and I did, twice! In 2015 I took my first solo trip, to Iceland, and my life was forever changed (no, really!). My love for travel, adventure, and self-discovery was reignited. I kept a diary style blog on tumblr of my Iceland adventures and of 4 more international trips and some domestic adventures, before I finally jumped to a real website and domain. Sometime towards the end of 2015, the year before I turned 35, I started thinking about all the things I really love in life and decided to make it a goal to have visited 40 countries by my 40th birthday.

And here we are.







The List:

(As of June 2018)

Scotland, England, France, Italy, Canada, Bahamas, Switzerland, Ireland, San Marino, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czechia, Panama, Colombia, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Mexico...

Next Up:

June 2018 - Banff and Lake Louise, AB, Canada

August 2018 - Chile and Argentina

November 2018 - Tanzania and Kenya