Who am I?

I grew up going on long road trips with my family all over the USA. I took my first trip to Europe at age 16 and was instantly hooked on international travel. I vowed to return before I was 25, and I did, twice! In 2015 I took my first solo trip, to Iceland, and my life was forever changed (no, really!). My love for travel, adventure, and self-discovery was reignited. I kept a diary style blog on tumblr of my Iceland adventures and of 4 more international trips and some domestic adventures, before I finally jumped to a real website and domain. Sometime towards the end of 2015, the year before I turned 35, I started thinking about all the things I really love in life and decided to make it a goal to have visited 40 countries by my 40th birthday.

And here we are.







The List:

(28 and counting as of April 2019)

Scotland, England, France, Italy, Canada, Bahamas, Switzerland, Ireland, San Marino, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Panama, Colombia, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Tanzania (and Zanzibar), Kenya

Next Up/2019 - Toronto (June), Lake Tahoe (July) and Ecuador (November), and not sure where else yet. 2019 might be the year I slow down a teeny bit due to some changes in my personal life (fingers crossed), some other goals Iā€™m working on, and finances. But 2020, watch out!