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Travel journaling v. real life journaling

Before my first post on my early travel journals, I thought I would briefly describe my process for journaling and what made me do it in the first place. For the first three trips abroad that I ever took, I wrote in a hardback journal that was a bit larger than pocket-sized. It easily fit into a backpack but was not so small that it got lost. I am really happy that I grew up in the 1990′s , before phones on cameras and cell phones in general made the documentation of life so instant! If I wanted memories from that day, I had to write them down!

I wrote what I did each day of these trips and then at the end of each city or country, I did a quick recap of what I liked and didn’t like. Then at the end of the total trip, I would write the bullet points, which consisted of inside jokes and funny memories - and I am really glad I did. I read the journals from three trips recently after finding my book, and I remembered every single story related to the bullet points. If you had asked me to recall any those memories out of the blue, I probably would have only recalled a couple and there were at least 20 funny memories that I remembered while reading. So I am glad that I adopted this method.

I have not written a journal since a 2003 trip. I blogged about Iceland after the fact last year and I went to Paris and Italy with an old boyfriend in 2006 and 2007 but did not blog about it. While those trips were fun in some ways, they were a bit ruined by the fact that I was with a person who was at the beginning of a huge personal downward spiral and thus, not very nice to me, to say the least but I digress. I’m actually glad I don’t have written accounts of the trip because the few things I remember are pretty terrible, I barely remember anything nice.

I think I’m going to try my hand at journaling when I return to Europe in October, even if I just scribble down a little bit every day or just the bullet points for memories. I will blog when I come back as a recap and I said there would be no blogging in real time, but maybe there will be a post or two, I’m not sure yet. I don’t want to take away from my experiences.

Do I journal in real life? Nope, I’m really busy. I think sometimes about doing a gratitude journal or more of a bullet points per day journal before bed like three to five things I’m thankful for that day or what I accomplished that I’m happy about that day. But as I type, I’m in bed, so I’m not sure if I’d get to that either. I think I’m only meant to write about travel. I need to save the very little writing talent I have for that task.

Do you journal when you travel or every day? Have you ever?

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