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The rest of Napa 

A quick recap since this trip was a month ago. I’ve already recapped the race so I thought I would start with after the race. We started our celebrations at Domaine Carneros, a wonderful sparkling wine house owned by Taittinger  in France. I went there last year after the race and this year, I made a reservation for a tasting. My friend joined the wine club while we were there, we ordered a cheese and charcuterie plate, and we had different tastings. Another friend joined us at that point and then we each “revisited” another glass while he had his first. 

The service at Carneros is impeccable and the tasting room itself is lovely. We got a very choice spot right in front of the fireplace - which was awesome since we were a little chilled from being in the rain and it was a chilly, overcast day. Basically, cold for the valley.

Second stop was recommended by my friend who was tasting with us and lives in Napa. We headed to Acacia, which was very close to Domaine Carneros but difficult to find on the GPS - especially in an area where phone signals might not be strong. We had a very charming Scottish Uber driver who got us where we needed to go - after a little confusion. We arrived at Acacia with about an hour to spare before they closed. I had the fancier tasting on the menu and my friend had the slightly less expensive one so we got to try one another’s and taste everything. 

Acacia’s chardonnay is the wine that stood out for me the most from that tasting, white wine isn’t usually my favorite, but I really enjoyed it at Acacia. Since it was a rainy, cloudy Sunday and almost closing time when we arrived, the staff was not really busy and they were really attentive and friendly. When we finished up and were waiting for our Uber, we even got an extra glass on the house “just because”.

After Acacia, we headed to Sonoma to kill some time before our early dinner reservation at The Girl and the Fig. But before that, we went to Steiner’s Tavern in Sonoma for a beer and some pool. Please note that all three of us thoroughly sucked at pool. We had fun though because my friend and I were still wearing our medals and schlepping our marathon bags around and walking slowly, but still going strong even though we’d been awake since 5 am. It was also really nice to go to a chill bar and have a beer in a place that I imagine I’d go to if I lived in Sonoma. I choose a dive bar over a fancy bar any day. 

Last recap of the SF trip is tomorrow - there was a stop at Lynmar in Sebastopol before driving into San Francisco and staying at an Airbnb in Cole Valley.