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The rest of Las Vegas

My second day in Las Vegas was a full day of exhibiting, a show(!), and a late dinner. I actually started my day with a run, some of it on the Strip and some off. The cool, dry desert air and my dehydrated state presented a challenge but I always enjoy running in cooler weather (40′s-60′s is my ideal). 

The one thing I love about exhibiting instead of working the registration side of conference is that the hours are shorter. I even had a break for lunch to get out of the hotel - and I did. I headed to Holstein’s at The Cosmopolitan for a beer, burger, and fries. I was really craving it. I don’t eat a lot of meat - and definitely not a lot of red meat. So when I’m craving it, I satisfy the craving. The Cosmopolitan is quite opulent and over the top in its decor. It isn’t necessarily my taste, but I enjoy it. I find it dark, sexy, and fun.

After an afternoon of working, I was free to go around 5. I had a ticket to see Zumanity at 7, and a dinner reservation at Koi (in my hotel) at 9:30. Koi is a chain and one I’d been to before but the sushi and cocktails are good and I just wanted to have a light, late dinner and be in bed before 11 pm. I pretty much just took my time getting ready and relaxing in my room before heading out to walk to the New York New York hotel to pick up my ticket and grab a cocktail there before the show. I arrived around 6 pm, got my ticket, and was told the doors opened at 6:30 and the pre-show began at 6:45 pm, noted.

The nice thing about Las Vegas is that you’re allowed to bring your drink into most shows that are in the same hotel. I mean, hell, you can walk down the Las Vegas Strip with a drink so anything goes. I ordered a glass of wine, chatted with the bartender, and got ready to enter when the doors opened at 6:30. I knew I had bought myself a good seat, but I was surprised upon entering the theatre that I had such a great seat! Not close enough to be roped into audience participation (thank goodness) but very close! I found that exciting for my very first Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. 

Zumanity was all I could hope for: daring acrobatics, sensual dance moves, partner acrobatics and contortion, and three amazing vertical aerial acts. There were aerial straps/sling, aerial silks/sling, and an aerialist who did an act on a chain hammock that was attached to a bar that was almost like a bent trapeze bar. He was probably my favorite, he flew out over the audience, was incredibly strong and flexible, and the act was very dynamic and innovative. The whole show was hosted by a drag queen named Edie who was funny, provocative and appropriately inappropriate. 

Zumanity was a 90 minute show with no intermission, I definitely didn’t think it needed one and I never once wondered when it would be over. I was never bored. I highly recommend it if you’re over 18 (it is naughty), looking for a different show in Las Vegas, and still want the Cirque experience.

After Cirque, I walked back to my hotel (Planet Hollywood) and arrived early for my reservation at Koi. Word to the wise, Koi is a restaurant, but after 9/9:30 pm it gets a lot more “clubby”, for lack of a better word. Like, they move tables and turn it more into a lounge than a restaurant. I exited not long after that transition. 

I sat down at the bar for a cocktail and some sushi and not longer after, a nice gentleman from Denver sat next to me. We chatted and he was very nice, I think that I always reveal too much about myself to strangers, like what I do, my hobbies, my travels, etc. He was really nice and just acted like I was really interesting - which I always feel weird about. I mutter a meek-sounding “thank you” and just continue the conversation. That’s just my nature in traveling - I think I’m non-threatening and I’m friendly and laugh easily, so I tend to just talk to people very comfortably and maybe I overshare or perhaps they enjoy the conversation. I don’t know, I just enjoy it. 

After Koi, I went to bed! I had one more half day of exhibiting and wanted to be rested for that and traveling home. Overall, my Las Vegas proved to be a nice little mix of work and pleasure getaway. I need to go back and see the Beatles Love Cirque show, so until next time, Vegas.

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