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Spring Getaway

Right after Memorial Day next year, I’m headed on my second adventure of 2017 and first solo trip of the year. It will also be another marathon trip! I’m flying to Copenhagen, spending about four days there, and then heading to the Faroe Islands. 

I’m running the Torshavn marathon on June 3rd and staying there a total of five days. On the way back to Chicago, I’m spending about 36 hours in Reykjavik, as I’ve mentioned before, I love Iceland. I actually have not bought my return ticket yet, and so it is possible I’ll stay another night and try to head to Akureyri or see a town in the region of Western Fjords, but I am not sure yet. Only time will tell. 

How far into the planning process am I? All flights except my return home are booked and I have all of my accommodations booked. I am staying in an Airbnb with a family in Copenhagen. They seem like a really interesting and fantastic family with three grown children and one son still at home. I think I will enjoy staying with them very much. 

In the Faroe Islands, I’ve rented a tiny hut near the mountain trails in Torshavn. It is so cute and remote and I can’t wait. I booked that right before Thanksgiving because my options were running out. For real, Torshavn is tiny and I didn’t want to have a stay there that was over a thousand US dollars. 

For Reykjavik, I have a hotel reservation, but as mentioned, those plans are not solid yet. I could stay an extra day or go to another city. I know that I will have many more opportunities to return to Iceland again - and Iceland Airwaves is on my 2017 wishlist! So I am really undecided now and I will wait until after I return from Panama and Medellin (so, the first of March) to decide if I’m staying an extra day or not. I also have a much busier worklife now with possible travel in May and definite travel in April, so I’m trying to balance my time away and time in the office.

I have one more trip in the works (just a weekend trip) planned for September but that is subject to change. I want to do it, but I don’t want to talk about it until May and I won’t really know if I can plan it easily until August - which is cutting it close! After the summer, there will probaby be a lot more weekend trips and short trips on the horizon. Not necessarily “a lot” like every weekend or once a month, but that will be the majority of my future travel because of some changes that are coming.

So far for 2017, I have definite plans to visit 4 countries by mid-year: Panama, Colombia, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands (yes, I’m counting them as a country). That puts my tally in the mid-20s at 24. There’s a possibility I might hop over to Malmo to see what Sweden (25) has to offer for and afternoon and dinner while I’m in Copenhagen because it is a 36 minute train ride from Copenhagen, but I’m leaving that up in the air too. There are some interesting things to see in Malmo so I am intrigued. What are your 2017 travel goals?

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