Welcome to my blog, where I document my adventures. I hope you have a nice stay!


I’m running a marathon in 19 days and a week ago I fell off of a climbing wall while learning to boulder and sprained my ankle. For the last week I have followed the guidelines for minor injuries: rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE), and this morning I was able to run 2 miles on the treadmill. I’m headed to LA tomorrow, (yay), where I will probably do little to no running and I think I’ll be set for a back to normal marathon taper schedule next week. 

I still have a huge purple bruise under my ankle, but I feel good. The worst is when I have to sit too long and get up. Or if I unexpectedly put pressure on it. I also can’t stretch my hips the way I like to in pigeon or by sitting cross-legged with my legs stacked symmetrically and leaning forward (try it, sounds easy, but can be killer for tight hips) but I will get there. Baby steps.

I don’t think I’ve ever planned two trips this closely to one another, I need to be careful with my budget, but I want to prove it can be done. I’m visiting and staying with friends, taking two private silks sessions on Thursday and Friday with some Los Angeles-based aerialists, going to see Sigur Ros at the Hollywood Bowl Saturday night, and doing whatever else our hearts desire. I can’t wait. I also plan to do a packing post upon my return.

The best part is that when I get back, I leave for Europe ten days later! I need to start brushing up on my Hungarian in the Duolingo app. The excitement is growing for me, I can’t wait. 

Traveling solo: one of my few complaints