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Medellin dining

Medellin dining


Medellin dining

Since we only spent a long weekend in Medellin, my dining list is short. However, the places I am mentioning were delicious. In addition to restaurants, when in Medellin, you should stop at the many street food vendors and buy any and all of the following: guarapo (delicious sugar cane and lime juice), buñuelos (fried cheese balls), the many varieties of fresh and delicious fruit, and empanadas. I recommend all of them. I tried all of them at some point.

Without further ado…

Herbario: We ate here our first night, it was probably the most expensive place we went and yet it was still only about $20-$25 a person. I can’t remember if I’m counting one or two cocktails in that total but I remember converting the prices and seeing that the most expensive entree was about $15 and I ordered something that had lobster or langoustines in it. I also recall having a pisco sour - not Colombian but after seeing it on the menu I had a taste for it. It was the right continent. The bread here was delicious and my seafood dish was great. 

Hacienda: We were told on our walking tour that there are several of these and they are a good place to get a taste of local food. We came here our first afternoon - venturing out after the hail for snacks and a drink. I drank a local beer and we shared an order of friend plantains which are delicious. I have never had plantains that I have not liked and I love how it is one of those things you can order in different countries and restaurants and it is prepared a bit differently everywhere.

Alambique: VERY cute spot we went for drinks after dinner one night. The cocktails were creative and the decor was super cute (see photos). It seemed like a great and popular date night spot. Like many restaurants in Medellin, it had large windows that were open to the outside so it was basically open air and the weather was absolutely perfect. You can see what we were all wearing in the photo and we were perfectly comfortable.

Pizzeria Olivia: Forgive us for having a taste for pizza like the terrible Americans we are - but really, I don’t think pizza is the worst thing one can order while traveling. Hear me out, it is always interesting to see what spin other cultures put on pizza. Pizza is beloved by all and should be tried whenever possible, I don’t think anyone would disagree with me. Anyway, their pizza was unexpectedly good and the combinations were numerous and interesting. In fact it was good enough that we ate here for a very late lunch/early dinner after our epic walking tour day and then Sunday night we happened to pass by one of their other locations and ate here again (I’ll see myself out). We all ordered different pizzas the second time. The wine was good, the drinks were good, there were a lot of vegetarian and meat-eater pizza options. There were also a lot of pasta dishes, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. At one meal I ordered a pizza with seafood and in another I ordered one with veggies.

Versalles: This bakery and restaurant is over 50 years old and we stopped in for pastries one afternoon. I had a guava pastry that was delicately covered in sugar and it was so tasty. I’ve never had a fruity pastry with filling like that - usually its very jelly-like and messy but this was thick enough so that none fell out. It was so good. I wish we had bought some to take with us for snacks on the plane or part of our breakfasts the next day.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention any breakfasts. Like in Panama, we kind of had some early mornings and so for the most part, we purchased local yogurts or hot cereals to make in the mornings at our Airbnbs so that we could save some money as well as not have to rush around. I bought coffee from street vendors a few times and once at a stand at the Botanical Gardens.

That wraps up my Central/South American trip in full. I’m sad I can’t return this year but excited for new trips on the horizon. I have some work travel right after Easter and a quick 2 day trip to Las Vegas for work in May. Then, on Memorial day I leave for Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands. I am so ready for this trip and yet I am a little nervous again because it is by myself and my last two have been with friends. So more about that later!

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