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Let’s talk travel gear

I took a quick work trip to Las Vegas last week (more on that later) and it was the perfect trip to take my new Lo & Sons O.M.G. bag on her maiden voyage. You can see all of the interior features of the bag at that link. I have pictured it atop my carry-on suitcase (above) which fits easily in the overhead compartment. I was thrilled with how much it held, how lightweight it is, and that it fits on the handle of a rolling suitcase so well. I cruised through the airports feeling very chic and put-together.

I do have a really nice leather, open-top tote that I bought from Cuyana a few years ago, which I use daily for work and have previously used as a carry-on for travel. I have a tendency to overfill that bag though, the straps were starting to curl inward because of that, and I was worried about preserving the condition of the bag. After the O.M.G. went on sale, it was a no-brainer for me. I bought the navy with silver hardware and it is still on sale, so if you’re looking for a great overnight bag/carry-on bag/gym bag, I highly recommend this one. 

I didn’t travel with my computer this trip - but I had a tablet with me, various folders, all of my cords and plugs, various office accessories, clothes to change into once I arrived on site, wallet, sunglasses case, my janitor-sized keychain, phone - basically anything you’d find in a purse plus travel items like my Ziploc baggie of liquids, packaged for TSA purposes. I also recently got a pair of Urbanears headphones, these. They rested nicely in the bag without getting smashed, even while the bag was under the seat. 

On newer planes, like on my flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, the bag fit under the seat but the top was a little squished, so I adjusted the insides carefully. On the way back, I was on an older plane with no in-seat entertainment (sigh) but the space under the seats was larger, so I suppose that’s a plus. 

Overall, I recommend the Lo & Sons bag because there of the interior space and organizational pockets, the convenient way it fits on the handle of a rolling suitcase, and the size. Snag it while some of the colors are still on sale!

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