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La Degustation Bourgeoise

La Degustation Bourgeoise

AKA, the best meal of my life

I think this place, La Degustation, deserves its own post because while we ate some delicious food in Prague, this place stands in a class of its own. In my 35 years, this was my first Michelin starred restaurant and I feel like I’ve opened up a whole new world to myself as far as dining experiences and dining while on vacation. 

My friend suggested dining there and we worked it into our budget for the 6-course experience plus the wine pairing. I am so glad that we did. The 11 course would have been amazing too, I’m sure, however, 6 courses actually ends up being like, 9-10 so I can’t imagine what 11 would be in total. 

About a month before our trip, we ended up with a 9 pm Sunday night reservation, because that was all that was left! We happily took it and planned the rest of our time in Prague accordingly.

From the minute we stepped in the restaurant to the minute we left, we were taken care of like treasured guests, and it seemed every other guest was treated that way as well. The interior decor is dark, simple, and classic and there are two insanely gorgeous glass chandeliers made to look like bones. The kitchen is bright, open, compact (from what we could see) and extremely neat, and we had a nice view of the attractive kitchen staff who were plating our food. The service was impeccable, attention was given to every single detail, and the food and wine selections were absolutely delicious. I cannot recommend this place enough. 

Our courses, in October 2016, were as follows:

First - tomatoes mustard, thyme: salad-like and delicious!)

Second - bell pepper defrutum: bell pepper oil, roasted bell pepper, with a bell pepper puree. Haha, not our favorite but not terrible by any means. My friend doesn’t like bell pepper and I don’t love them, I ate it, enjoyed it, I wouldn’t necessarily want seconds

Third - Sumava mushrooms, thyme, pasta: this was so good and earthy and the flavors just exploded in your mouth, it was a stuffed type of pasta.

Fourth - Chicken, semolina puree, egg yolk: this was also extremely tasty, and I’m not the type of person who orders chicken out because I eat so much chicken at home that I get bored but it did not disappoint.

Fifth - Beef heart, cucumber, tapioca pearls: I’m an adventurous eater and will try anything once, but I have to admit that BEEF HEART scared me. I don’t normally care for tapioca pearls either. However, this was so good. So good! The beef heart had a salty, rich taste and the tapioca pearls were a nice contrast. Obviously, I am not the chef or menu designer and should just trust the chef and not my own usual likes and dislikes.

Sixth - Choice of sheep cheese arnica with potatoes and rowanberries or a yogurt/plum/butter dish, which was like a tart/crumble if I recall correctly. We got both for the table and shared. The cheese was shaved so finely it looked like snow and melted in your mouth. The plum dessert (sweet is my jam) was my favorite because it was not too sweet but was the perfect end to the dinner and equally as delicious and surprising as the rest of the courses.

All of the wines were local and delicious and the server told us where they were from and described the tasting notes of each as he poured. The cheese dessert actually came with a local beer instead of wine and it was also really good, like really good. But of course, because Prague is known for great beer, and cheap beer! We both felt like queens as we were dining because we had so much attention paid to us. 

We left the restaurant completely satisfied and happy with our dining experience.

Six course tasting menu: 2450 CZK, wine pairing 1350 CZK

Prague: EAT!

Prague: EAT!

Prague week

Prague week