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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

How about a new photo (of Mawenzi peak in Tanzania on our hike to Kilimanjaro) to kick off THREE BLOG POSTS IN ONE WEEK?! Who am I? Hopefully someone who continues this trend. This week was busy with work - all sorts of stuff is hitting the fan - and I’m also working on some long term/personal goals that are work related that I really hope pan out, stay tuned! I’m performing Saturday and Sunday in a group silks act, watching my sister and brother in law’s dog while they take a long weekend to ski in northern Michigan (the mitten, not the UP), and I am going spectate at my running club’s beer mile. But let’s get to it, shall we?


Game of Thrones locations you can actually visit. Holy moly I am super excited for this show to come back. I was really late to come around to it and I don’t know why I waited so long! I’m already planning to bounce between a few friends houses for watch parties because I need to experience this final season with other people.

Ever wonder how you can do your part to be a more eco-friendly traveler? Some simple tips here.

A California coast road trip has always been on my list.

Singapore is a place a friend of mine and I had on our radar for this year, and then she got a new job and a new house, so we’ve had to put that on hold, but I’m bookmarking this for when we do go.


I don’t work for myself, but I like this article on Elle Fit Active’s blog. I have never thought about breaking up my day that way (but I kind of do) and now I will think of it more that way and establish similar loose boundaries as she has. I have been reading her and following her on Instagram for awhile and she doesn’t post a lot, but when she does, it is funny, inspiring, or interesting. It is never fluff.

Essential Oils, I have a diffuser! I love it because it also is a mini humidifier. But I’ve been wanting to enjoy them for more than just a pleasant scent. I’m going to start here.

Dear lord, I can’t believe I’m linking to an article from GOOP, but I like this idea.

Earth and Science

I suppose even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I like this effort by Windex to get the plastic trash out of the ocean and use it.

I also like the idea of trying to give up plastic for lent. I think I’m going to attempt this too. By attempt I mean reduce my consumption as much as possible and be very conscious of what I am buying or using or not reusing.

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend.

Valparaiso Street Art

Valparaiso Street Art

EAT and DRINK: Valparaiso

EAT and DRINK: Valparaiso