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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Berlin Nights.

A few weeks ago I think I linked the article on where to break up with someone, so here’s where to see if your siginificant other is “the one”. (little eyeroll from me, for sure). If you can simply travel together without wanting to kill one another and have a great trip, it is probably a match.

I’ve always wanted to make a trip based around visiting ballparks and end it in Cooperstown, so this expands upon that theme.

You’re in” for a surpries with this article about recycling human waste to brew beer in Denmark.

An ode to the solo road trip.

That’s all for today. I return home to Chicago tonight, have a friend in town, and then I’m off again for a weekend work trip to Las Vegas May 12-14. Then I leave for Copenhagen about three and a half weeks after that. Time is certainly flying.

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