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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


Friday Favorites

Maybe I’ve said this before but this has been a WEEK. Between all that is going on in the country and a busy work week with my regular job, a contract job with a race where I’ve been every day, and 3 silks classes this week, I’ve been a busy lady. But I found the time to round up some favorite links, some related to travel, some not, and some photos from the week above. Some of these I’ve posted on my own personal facebook page this week and I hope to post more travel links that I find each week on Fridays.


Lord have mercy this is required reading. Have some respect.

Where Afar editors are traveling in 2017.

And if you want the New York Times’s list

Five inspiring documentaries for the global citizen in you. (also from Afar, they’re nailing it, as usual.)

Current Events:

Self-care and how to stay involved in this political clilmate.

Do you wake up every day, read some news, and want to TEAR YOUR HAIR OUT??!! Read nice things from people who are talented, thankful, and gracious. It will keep you sane.

Technology and how it influenced Generation X, Millenials, and the late 70′s/early 80′s babies (1981 here). I relate to both generations so I never know what to call myself. 

Good for her.


A local charity I want to get more involved with because of what’s happening in this country.

Stand with Standing Rock.

Following this cutie’s story because the first update nearly broke my heart. I’m hoping she pulls through with a full recovery and gives birth to healthy puppies.

I really wanted to participate in this after seeing the commercials, but alas, Chicago has companies that do this and for individuals to do it, one has to live in the suburbs. So I’ll keep donating to the Chicago Food Depository.

There are more ways I’ve been getting politically active this week (calling and writing my congressmen concerning issues I care about) but I am keeping it to thse I’ve mentioned this week. I can do anything but I can’t do everything.

Have a great weekend.