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City of Angels - Part 1 (a special Saturday post)

I planned a September trip to Los Angeles back in January this year. Originally, I was going for teacher training for aerial yoga. But, after some consideration, I realized I wanted to teach silks instead and I felt that the aerial yoga teacher certification was extremely overpriced in comparison to silks teacher training programs I am interested in attending. I kept the original theme of the trip though by taking two private sessions while I was there and learned a lot from both aerialists.

I arrived in Los Angeles at noon on a Thursday and stayed through mid-afternoon the following Monday. I am alway very grateful and appreciative of my friends who allow me to stay with them. I can’t wait to travel to Europe with one half of that duo THIS WEEK. But I am getting ahead of myself. I think I did more in LA this time than I’ve ever done. We were in Santa Monica, Malibu, downtown LA, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, etc. 

Some highlights - not in chronological order -  pictured above. 

Things I recommend in downtown Los Angeles:

The Broad - we saw the Cindy Sherman exhibit and the the permanent collection. Sadly, we did not get in line early enough for the Inifinity room. I’ll have to make another trip! But we didn’t make it there because we’d been at Smorgasburg LA earlier in the 100 degree heat and then we chilled out at our friend’s apartment for a few hours watching the Dodgers game and napping (lol). Parking - due to a street closure right near the Broad - was a little complicated and we had about an hour to see everything, which was plenty of time for both of us. However, if you’re the type of person who needs to linger much longer in front of the art, 90 minutes is probably more appropriate for you. I enjoyed the Broad because I like contemporary art and sculpture and I was introduced to a new artist/photographer by seeing the Cindy Sherman exhibit. So thanks for that, Lindsey. I thoroughly enjoyed that museum.

Smorgasburg was awesome because I got to walk around and observe all of the food vendors, drink vendors, and the small art section before my friend and I settled into the 21+ area with our food and a dozen or so games of Connect Four. I suck but I managed to wear her down on a few of them and win. Since it was 100+ degrees (but thankfully, not humid) I ordered cold soba noodles and a mango mint tea slushie, both were delicious and perfect for the day. I just admire how relaxed everyone was at the outdoor tables. There was a dj and games at every table, and maybe just because I don’t go out a lot in Chicago on Sundays (I’m usually running, running errands, training on the silks, and then recovering at home) but I think I need to start making my Sundays more about relaxing fun by taking care of most of that stuff on Saturday.

Also on the agenda that weekend was a show at the Hollywood Bowl. I love live music of any kind, I just enjoy the atmosphere and any music. But I got to see a show for a band I’ve liked for a long time, Sigur Ros. Being outside at such an amazing venue, was special for me. I felt like I got to have a quintesenntial Los Angeles experience by going to the Hollywood Bowl. Sigur Ros isn’t exactly a super lively band, but I thought it was magical. They come out, they play, they are serious and calm and don’t do encores. They just do what they do best, make pretty otherworldy sounding music. I’ve never been to a concert with a quieter, more focused, captive audience. It was really nice to be able to hear everything without your neighbor singing over the band. Don’t get me wrong, that is also fun, but Sigur Ros is not that kind of band or music and as a mid-30′s grown up who loves live music still, sometimes a really chill show with seats and quiet people is so nice.

We brought our own picnic to the Bowl (which I have been told is not always an option) because we stopped at Ester’s in Santa Monica first for some wine and then met our friend at Bristol Farms to pick up more food and drinks. (Ester’s review to come later this week). Overall, the Hollywood Bowl was an experience I’d love to have again. The venue is fantastic and the parking options and transporation make it easy to access. There are plenty of food and drink vendors at the Bowl if you don’t bring a picnic and there are great seating options for eating before the show as well.

On Monday and Tuesday I shall wrap up my California posts and then do an out of the ordinary post for Wednesday - then Thursday I depart for Europe!

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