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Friday Favorites - birthday edition!

Friday Favorites - birthday edition!

Pictured above: Downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park.

Hey! Today is my birthday and I’m headed to Toronto for a solo weekend getaway which is very necessary right now! I have a lot of links for you because I kept seeing so many that interested me and because I’ve had no time to post a lot for the last few Fridays.


I’d LOVE to go here and smell the sulfur, in fact I keep seeing reasonable airfare

My entire office travels for work at least twice a year and we are evenly split between running late and 2 hours early.

I’ve always wondered about passport colors!

EPIC and GLORIOUS. More like Purple REIGN.

Our Lord of Travel, Sir Anthony Bourdain, and how to honor his travel spirit and legacy on what would have been his birthday.

Progress in Bermuda!


Stress symptoms

Relevant to my music interests.

And that’s it for this week! I’m excited because I have a very full weekend planned and Monday is my last full day in Toronto so I plan to keep most of it open, I look forward to my trip and writing about it when I come back!

Summer Weekend in Toronto: a travel diary

Summer Weekend in Toronto: a travel diary

A very short stay in London

A very short stay in London