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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Pictured above: an ice climber scales a frozen waterfall in Starved Rock State park in Ottawa, IL in February 2019.

Happy Friday, if you’re reading this on Friday, April 12th, then I’m still in Florida for work until this evening, so this has been an unusual week for me. I was in the office Monday and Tuesday and then on-site Wednesday through today. I have had three quick trips this year and it is mid-April! I can’t wait to getaway for a week next month when I head to Vancouver and Whistler with a friend and to meet up with two more. Let’s get to the links!


I want to do yoga teacher training at some point, and Core Power is a studio I’ve enjoyed in the past. But after reading this article, I definitely don’t agree with their practices. That’s not what yoga is about. I also understand that a business needs to make money, but I still have reservations.

I’m a cuspy Milennial. Born in 1981, I don’t if I exactly fit in Gen X or Millennial, but I definitely like I belong to both and I embrace that! I love this article about millennials drinking less. I definitely relate to the “this is not what grown-ups do".” I’ve never been a big drinker, I hate feeling like shit. I would rather be tired from a hard work out than because I was out late drinking at a bar. But, I like craft beer, I like wine, I love Islay scotch and whisky, but in small amounts. I am and always have been a 2 drink type of girl - and with lots of water! The older I get, the less I enjoy how it makes me feel. If you could remove the alcohol and preserve the taste, I’d be okay with that. I just really relate to parts of that article.

I thoroughly enjoyed this article about Chris Evans. I don’t normally care about any actors but this was a fun, thoughtful, and interesting read.

Do you need a GOT refresher?


I like to plan, and still do, but I have also always done this/offered this all the time when I know it is something that will interest certain groups. I do not think it is a trend. I’m also not a “big group” type of person and so I enjoy letting everyone do their own thing rather than forcing group activities.

I have a cousin living in Australia at the moment, so I would love to be able to visit him and his girlfriend and venture out beyond where they live too. This sounds right up my alley.

It has been said for awhile that Venice is sinking, it is a small city that receives so tens of millions of tourists every year. (I might soon have my own small connection to Venice soon and I can’t wait to share when I can if things pan out the way I hope they do) But that article addresses and asks the types of questions that will allow the old Venice to sustain and thrive, both physically and in spirit, despite tourism.

Have a great weekend! I’ll most likely be catching up on errands and household chores and probably running my longest training run for the Vancouver half marathon so that I will be ready for the race in less than a month. I’m also taking a knitting class to learn a new technique, so I am excited about that.

Mount Kilimanjaro: Summit Day!

Mount Kilimanjaro: Summit Day!

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Marangu route: From the park entry gates to the Kibo huts.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Marangu route: From the park entry gates to the Kibo huts.