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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Pictured above: beautiful flowers on the coffee farm near the Chaga village in Tanzania.

Happy Friday! I apologize for not having this post ready to go at the usual, early time. I have prided myself on staying consistent with a schedule and time for posts for the last 2 months now and it has been thoroughly enjoyable. I maintain that I’m writing because it is what I’d want to read as a traveler who has a full time job and is not a digital nomad, is not on a shoestring budget but also not wealthy, is adventurous and will try anything once, and seeks an active, explorative type of trip or vacation. I had not been finding that or if I did, I was bored by the writing. I know that I may ramble and my posts are very long, but my friends who have read here say that they hear my voice in the writing or that this is like talking to me. So it is as authentic as you’re going to get and I love sharing travel information. So thank you for being here too!

Oh, in all of that above, I forgot that the reason I am late with this is that we had a weird day at work yesterday. Some people were let go and the afternoon was filled with an all staff meeting of questions, reactions, and emotions. Then we left early and most of us went to have a drink to digest the info and we are off today. Then, I had a class last night so I just didn’t have time to sit down and finish this yesterday. But on to the links!


No one wants bed bugs as travel souvenirs so READ THIS.

Packing tips from a traveler who packed two weeks worth of clothes for a 90 day trip. We could all use them.

Greenland is losing so much ice :(

Is Sri Lanka safe to visit now? I hope so, because it was actually on my list for next year as one of the surf camp/retreat options.

I think most “girls” know this already but in case you were wondering, traveling with friends is beneficial.


A good piece from Goop (don’t hate) about forgiveness and how forgiving helps YOU.

Two weeks ago, I got my first ever facial ever at the ripe old age of almost 38. I was told that I’m doing all of the right things (cleansing twice daily, wearing sunscreen, moisturizing, drinking water, not smoking) but I was not exfoliating enough and the aesthetician had to do a lot of extractions on my nose and chin :(. Fast forward two weeks later and my skin is looking great because I’m doing ALL of the right things now and when I go back to her later in May, I bet she won’t have to do as many extractions (maybe none). Here are some skincare tips if you’ve been noticing breakouts or dull skin. I learned something - the tip about pre-flight I’m going to try before heading to Vancouver next Friday! I. CAN’T. WAIT.

I got my first ever mole check at the dermatologist last summer (kind of late in life, don’t wait that long) and he suggested I wear a sunshirt at the beach. At first I thought, ugh, am I 80?! But then I remembered that rash guards are essentially the same thing and I bought this one last week - with UPF 50 - for future SUP adventures on Lake Michigan and elsewhere (info to come shortly on elsewhere), next year’s surf adventure and hopefully a new fun hobby, and really, any all day beach or lake days when it is time to COVER UP. But, these long sleeved swimsuits are super cute and a great alternative to a sunshirt and I am not opposed to any of them. I am really into the high neck sports bra type of bikini tops because I hate getting a sunburn on my chest and that is where most of my existing sun damage is anyway. I sent that link to a friend and her comment was that they’d be great for hiding her arm jiggle because she doesn’t exercise! Ha! Also, she is naturally very thin so I am not sure what jiggle she is referring to. But, two birds with one stone!

That’s it for today, happy Friday and have a great weekend wherever you are. :)

Nairobi: A half-day safari and two delicious dining options

Nairobi: A half-day safari and two delicious dining options

Zanzibar: day 2

Zanzibar: day 2