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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

TGIFF! Am I right? I’ll let you guess what the extra F stands for and hello there! Three posts again this week too, I am back in the game. I am playing around with ideas for images on this day and thinking that I might just make it a fun or silly image (of me in Buenos Aires last year) that I have never shared or a new one each week? I’m not sure yet. But for this week, I’ve been working in a photo editor and wanted to save the photo I edited. I’m learning! I also trotted out that poncho to wear this week in Chicago on a 50+ degree day. Spring might be here!

With that said, my silks group performance had two great nights last weekend, though I personally was much happier with my own performance Sunday night. I think we were all relieved to be finished with it even though it was so fun and a ton of work. We really rocked it Sunday night and had a lot of time to get ready so our hair and makeup were more coordinated and we had a lot of fun adding extra flair to the actual performance since we were more relaxed.

This weekend I’m going skiing in Wisconsin again on Saturday with some friends, hanging out with a cat-sitting client, and then hitting up open gym to work on some aerial stuff Friday afternoon and Sunday with a friend who is returning after having a baby last year. I won’t be in town next weekend because I’m headed south for a cousin’s wedding and so I want to make sure I get two good aerial sessions in, the student show was inspiring and I’m excited to get creative again and perhaps work on a solo act.



Okay, we did, but a full day later than necessary.

And because I needed to know, what is the difference between the 737-800 and the 737 Max ?

Another reason to go to Egypt, hiking!


Have you seen Suspiria? Do you like American Horror Story or Penny Dreadful or like to be scared? I have been listening to the soundtrack since the title track was released late last year. Thom Yorke wrote and composed the score and I’m a Radiohead fangirl so I pretty much love anything he creates. THAT MOVIE IS WILD Y’ALL. Oh man. If you don’t like gross, gory stuff and you don’t like horror, I don’t recommend it. I do highly recommend listening to the soundtrack though, it is acceptable for all consumers. I also want to watch the original now too, it is from the 1970’s.

My goal is to read 30 books this year. If I don’t finish this soon, that is not going to happen. I have a few books downloaded and a stack on my nightstand so I need to finish this. Its heavy, thought-provoking, and interesting, but my days and nights have been busy and it isn’t one that I’m just dying to read so it has been difficult to get through it.

I love Uniqlo and I found this piece interesting.

I’ve been trying to use my phone less and not scroll through social media mindlessly. Every since the middle of 2018, I’ve been posting less on Facebook and Instagram too. I just don’t want to post unless its travel, silks, or a fun activity that I really feel the need to share. I appreciate the iPhone screen time update when it came out in late 2018 or early 2019 because it is nice to know what I spend my time on and I remember being super excited the week that most of my screen time was my sleep noise app Rain Rain, AloMoves yoga, and texts, in that order. To me that means I was taking care of myself and connecting with friends. I do spend a lot of time texting friends, and honestly, that is okay for me. I am an introvert with friends scattered across the country and world and I like connecting with people that way when I’m thinking about them or want to catch up on their lives. Nothing beats a good phone or FaceTime session though. So all of this rambling leads to this link. I already try not to have my phone out on friend dates, I have notifications turned off for most apps, and an idea that I picked up from a friend last year was to schedule automatic "“do not disturb” mode from 10 pm to noon, though I have it scheduled from 10 pm until 9 am. No notifications show up on my home screen in that time and I have my settings for blue light display to match sunrise and sunset. It took a day to get used to the warmer color after sunset but now I don’t notice it. I want my phone to be useful and not annoying.

That’s it for this week, I’m hoping to wrap up Mendoza next week so we can move on to Buenos Aires and then Africa!

Mendoza Wine Tour - Lujan de Cuyo valley

Mendoza Wine Tour - Lujan de Cuyo valley

Mendoza, Argentina - Spend more time here!

Mendoza, Argentina - Spend more time here!