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2019 Travel plans (or lack thereof)

2019 Travel plans (or lack thereof)

Hi! I am alive. I don’t want to be too personal about my 2018 woes, because in the grand scheme of things, they’re trivial, but they are my problems. Last year was incredibly rewarding for me as far as travel is concerned. It was also a test of my mental and emotional stamina and my ability to get creative with my finances to make everything work. What is “everything”?


I had 6 of the best travel buddies this year! I met some new ones along the way (not included in that 6) and I’m eternally grateful that I know these people, who are some of my favorites in the world.

I traveled out of the United States 6 times. (Europe, North America, South America, Africa)

I was on 35 flights.

I visited 5 new countries. (Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Tanzania, Kenya)

I visited 7 countries total. (add Canada and England to the above list)

I obtained 2 visas to visit Kenya and Tanzania, and those were the first visas I’ve ever obtained.

I saw a lot of mountains! The Andes, the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mawenzi peak from Kilimanjaro.

I went on my first multi-day hike while climbing Kilimanjaro and now I am itching to go on a backpacking trip.

I attended one wedding last year and it was outside of the US, in England, which was the first time I’ve ever been anywhere in England outside of London!

I saw the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.

I practiced my Spanish in Chile, Mexico, and Argentina and found it easiest for me in Chile and Mexico.

I ran only one race last year, in Banff and it was beautiful! I am so glad that I finally made it to Banff. I saw a photo of Lake Louise when I was 16 and vowed to go there and it took me 20 years but I’d go every year if I could, there’s just so much beauty in the area.

I learned a lot about myself and the world and digested a lot about the world that I don’t necessarily like or agree with in regards to history. I saw a lot of things in Africa and some in South America and more than ever I’d like to do some volunteer travel.


I honestly do not know where 2019 will take me. I might be living somewhere completely different. I know I am running the Vancouver marathon in May but I might not spend longer than a weekend in BC, it is up in the air right now. I might return later in the summer for a backpacking tour in British Columbia as I’ve already asked friends if they want to participate and they’ve said yes.

I know I want to go on a trip in November, like I did this year and I truly hope it is with the same two friends and more (if people join!) but who knows where all of our lives will be when we have to start making decisions and spending the money? It seems like a turning point year and a good time to save money for now and not make any travel plans, but that indecision is hard for me. I like to have destinations to look forward to and research. I think this will be a good year in my travel, or lack thereof, for teaching me even more patience as well as spontaneity. I know that things will work out as they should and I will still be able to complete my 40 before 40 list.

I went to South America: Day 1

I went to South America: Day 1

I have a lot to talk about

I have a lot to talk about