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Friday Favorites: Anthony Bourdain Edition

I am really glad that I had nothing ready to post today, because I certainly did not expect to wake up and read the very sad news that Anthony Bourdain was dead at the age of 61 of suicide. It is heavy news. I was inspired by him to explore the world with a curiosity, talk to people, listen to them, ask questions, and immerse myself in other cultures. Of course, I didn't know him personally but I've read Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw, I own his Les Halles cookbook, and I've consumed his shows over and over. I love, love, love the show Parts Unknown on CNN. I also loved his old shows from the Travel Channel. If Bourdain had a hand in creating it, I was interested.

He had a way of asking simple questions and getting honest answers. He talked to everyone. He championed various causes. He was honest about his own past, faults, thoughts, mistakes, and opinions. He made me want to go to Iran, Georgia (the country), Palestine, and various cities in my own country that I'd never think to revisit or to explore new parts of before.

He might have been kind of a salty old man, but he was also a salt of the Earth type of man, and he had the best adventures and stories. Anne Helen Petersen, author, writer for Buzzfeed and the Facebook page Celebrity Gossip, Academic style stated that he was "relentlessly curious and used his hunger in such a different way than most white Westerners." Not only is that true, it is such a compliment, in my opinion, to be called relentlessly curious. The world needs more people who are that way. The world also needs to take mental illness and mental health more seriously and remove the stigma. I can't even begin to be eloquent on that subject.

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Banff, AB

Banff, AB

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites