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2018 Goals


Do you like that I chose a cheesy and/or cliche nature pose with my back to the camera? I felt it was appropriate for this post. Anyway, I've held off on writing about any 2018 travel goals and goals in general because of the funk I've mentioned and because I had not really thought about them or come up with any good ones.

That said, my goals have been all over the place and I am going to try and keep it simple this year and go for 5 total. Since I already have 4 trips planned for 2018, none of these are goals because they're already in the works and I'll be addressing other areas of my life instead.

  1. Fitness - I'm running a destination marathon in June and I want to be more flexible. Those two could cancel each other out but in order for them not to, I have to work extra hard.
    1. So my goal is to have a middle split by the end of the year. By my birthday in June would be awesome but I have a hip flexor injury right now so I am babying it and haven't stretched in a week and am currently not running and not stretching any splits. 
    2. For running, I want to finish the race in Banff and a stretch goal would be to match or best my PR time but we'll see. I'm also doing this race to help with my endurance (somewhat) for Kilimanjaro
    3. For silks, perform more, just get better overall, and be more purposeful and slower in my movement. I'd like to develop an act that involves two apparatus and I'd also like to purchase my own set of silks and hardware by the end of the year.
  2. PRACTICE SPANISH EVERYDAY. I get on a roll here and then I fall off the wagon and get lazy, or its bedtime and I forget that I should do 15-20 minutes but I want to just sleep. I'm getting there.
  3. Read 25 books this year. I've rediscovered the library. I like reading on my kindle, but I also enjoy real books. If I can be a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, then I can like books and e-readers. I don't discriminate. I'm currently on my 4th book this year.
  4. Volunteer and get involved in my community more - last year I started volunteering with a few organizations in my neighborhood that work with the homeless and I also work and donate to some that help animals. I will also always donate to anyone who is raising money for a race. I want to continue this work and I want to talk about it, not to boast about what I am doing, but to be a kind advocate for causes that I care about.
  5. Be more open and honest. I think that I do this pretty well in regards to most aspects of my life except for a couple, but I'm not going into details. I'd like to have no fear when it comes to talking about certain subjects.
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