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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy FRIYAY! It was nice to break up my week and take a day off on Wednesday. Things are starting to get busier at work and I've made the decision to delay my move to the beginning of January. BUT, it is still happening. And now I have a ticket that I have to use or lose, so stay tuned. I hope to have a quiet weekend because next weekend is when I'm headed to Austin, Texas. 

This week's favorites:


Are you an American who has wanted to go to North Korea? Well that window of opportunity is closing.

Sleeping on a plane, bookmarking for later.

Most beautiful places in Europe. I've only seen two of these. I REALLY REALLY want to go to Positano and Santorini.

I'm kind of sick of hearing about Marfa, Texas so I was pleased to read this about a trip beyond the overly Instagrammed Marfa.

Also fitting in with the "I'm tired of hearing/reading..." theme, is anything that claims "how to do xxx like a French person/woman/girl/etc". This has some solid advice though. 

If you want to Downward Dog and Sun Salutation your way around the world, read this. I don't really care for Afar's article format but the info is all there.


I eat a lot of eggs and scrambled isn't my favorite way to make them (but it is the easiest in my opinion) so I need a way to make that option more palatable. Here are some suggestions.

The six sushi commandments, according to Anthony Bourdain.


How to best start your morning, according to your astrological sign. I don't disagree with this.

Digesting dairy. Interesting.

That's it for today! I'm headed to a circus show tonight and then probably to a group run with the Mikkeller Running Club tomorrow morning. It is supposed to be a pretty nice weekend here in Chicago and I'm looking forward to reading in the back yard with my dog tomorrow after the run and to some aerial practice on Sunday. 

Chicago bucket list

Adventuring in Illinois

Adventuring in Illinois