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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Coming to work after a long weekend is always a challenge. But for this Labor Day weekend in particular had some serious fun that made it even more of one: I worked from home Tuesday,  I was in Wisconsin for a really fun wedding, the weather cooled down considerably on Monday, and I'm looking for a new Coordinator in my office who will report to me. It has been difficult to focus on work. Also, I wore a leather jacket to work today, on September 7, and I don't think I'm okay with breaking out the jackets just yet! Autumn, you are lovely and my favorite but can you dial it back a bit? How did we jump straight from warm weather to the low 50's in the morning?


I really love these vintage photos of Italy in the 1980's.

Late Bloomer, by Garance Dore, is a good read.

Cycling the Salar de Uyuni is my top choice on this list.

I really found this essay about Iceland titled "The ideal Iceland may only exist in your mind" to be really interesting. I can see both sides but as I've mentioned a dozen times before, Iceland has such a charm effect on me. 

How to get rid of aches and pains post-flight.

Visiting the perfume capital of France.

Fun and Random:

I love this apartment makeover SO MUCH (apartment of Carole Radziwill in NYC). I love the blue and grey and then that dark sexy hallway and the light fixture and omg I'll stop now. Go look, seriously.

Apparently, I'm on a Real Housewives kick today. An interesting article about Lisa Vanderpump.

Hair makeovers - and by makeovers, they mean "how would you never style your own hair?"

That is it this week, I am keeping it light. I have plans to work on my solo silks act this weekend and a theatre that I love is showing the movie Labyrinth, so I am going to see that with my sister on Saturday afternoon. It is always fun seeing a show there because they have a bar and people come dressed up in costumes. 

More Money, more problems

Last minute trip budgeting tips

Last minute trip budgeting tips