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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

I've been sick most of this week so I don't even really know what day it is, but a trip to the doctor and some meds had me on the path to feeling better on Wednesday. I hate being sick though, I know we all do but I just hate sitting around and doing nothing. I miss sweating and being active.


The most peaceful places to go. I've been to two of these and really want to go to the others.

Noma Restaurant Group's new concept restaurant in Copenhagen. (not the new Noma, which opens at the end of this year)

LA summed up in 3 images.

Coffee in Prague - bookmarking this for myself.


I agree with Thom Yorke here.

Going to see this band next month, and this singer in September. I also really want to see Shakira in Europe but that will probably be a last minute purchase.

Current Events:

Why are women still having kids? I say no thanks.

What to wear to begin a new life. Sounds weird and superficial, but this article is really interesting.

That's all! I'm hopefully headed to Starved Rock State Park next Tuesday with a friend to hike and start checking off my Illinois and Chicago bucket list before I leave. I say "hopefully" because I've had such a weird week of: short day, work from home, sick day, (so far) that I hope I can accomplish enough and not feel bad taking off on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!


Planning a trip with a group: Austin

Planning a trip with a group: Austin

Planning for a move abroad

Planning for a move abroad