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A good dining spot in Denver

I just got back from a very busy, whirlwind trip to Denver for my job. I work for an organization that manages two medical associations and one of them has its flagship educational event in the fall, and we had over 1200 attendees this year. It was a busy and tiresome 4 days!

That said, we managed to go out to eat twice and one of them was really tasty and thus I highly recommend Euclid Hall. Our group of 15 showed up with a reservation for 11 and they found space for us at two large tables in the bar area. We were right next to each other in a booth and a high bar table but all on the same tab - yay for restaurants that are flexible. The place isn't huge, but there are two floors and and both floors have bars. 

I'm always a fan of a place that just allows our hungry group to order small plates every time the server comes over and that is what we did. We ordered a lot of appetizers and large plates and passed them around the table to share. Euclid Hall has a fantastic, extensive, and interesting beer list as well as a nice little cocktail and wine list, if beer isn't your thing. I drank a sour brown ale and a lavender pistachio IPA. Both were delicious. I tried a coworker's saison as well and it was also good. It was one of those places where I had a very hard time deciding what I wanted to drink because 3-4 beers were calling my name and they didn't have flights. :( 

But on to the menu! We ordered the chips and dip, the pad Thai pig ears, and the bone marrow. We also ordered the chicken and waffles, sausage platter tasting, PBR mussels, shrimp and grits, and the duck poutine. There were ten of us that nibbled at all of that. Four of us took an uber back to the hotel as dessert came out but they ordered the cookies and cream and the chocolate tortamisu. They said both were delicious and I'm not surprised. I enjoyed everything. NOTHING was bad. 

The place was noisy, but it was the perfect setting and scene for us and I'd frequent it for out of town guests and groups or dine alone at the upstairs bar if I lived in Denver. The menu was interesting and tasty enough that I'd order some repeats and try new things because I'd trust that I would like new items. Overall, if you're in Denver, you should try it! Our reservation was at 8:15 on a Sunday night and so it was not too busy at all but I bet it gets pretty busy on most nights. They only take reservations for groups of 7+ and everything else is walk-in. Go, you'll enjoy it.

Honorable Mention goes to Earls Glenarm and The Greedy Hamster. I ate lunch at Earls and there were some healthy, tasty options as well as some comfort food. I did not get the chance to eat at hamster (I wanted to!) but my coworkers did and said it was great.

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Friday Favorites

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