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Inspiration not flowing

I've had a difficult time figuring out what to do with myself some nights because it is too quiet and I don't have a furry companion by my side and I can never think of anything to write. This led me to binge-watching The Office (US) (the entire show) in exactly 30 days. After my performance on silks, I had this happiness hangover, and then I started watching my performance a few times over and picked it apart little by little, so that every time I watch it now, I like the first 2 minutes but the rest I am not happy with and I am hoping to perform again in December in another small circus for students and semi-pros. 

So for a quick life recap, I'm headed to Denver on Saturday 11/4 for work, then I'm back on the following Tuesday. Hopefully, I can add a restaurant or two to my Denver list. Two weeks after that, I'm going to Montreal, it is almost here! My brain, soul, and emotions need a getaway. As you can see from my cover photo, I've been saving food photos from Montreal Instagram accounts to my Montreal collection. Apparently I'm going to be eating my feelings there. After Montreal I won't have a trip until Christmas when I visit my family in Florida with my sister and BIL's dog in tow. It will be weird making that trip as just the two of us, but I'm hoping to take it slow and see some sights along the way. I don't enjoy driving long distances alone because I get very tired. So I will make this trip as comfortable for Lily and me as possible.

I'm hoping to get some more inspiration soon, I imagine that after Denver, I'll perk up. This trip and job are kind of killing my soul right now. I feel lost and without purpose as far as work is concerned and I know that needs to change. Some things are kind of happening in my personal life as well so hopefully they'll also help change my mood for the better.


A good dining spot in Denver

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites