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I should be in Paris

I should be in Paris right now, but AirBerlin had other plans. 

I should have crossed one more country off of my list this year and enjoyed some nice downtime in Malta, but as previously mentioned, it was not meant to be.

I should be living in Prague right now, halfway through the TEFL Certification program, but I listened to advice that I now regret following almost every day.

I should have been planning what to do with my pup while I’m in Montreal next month, but life took him from me too early. :(


How am I coping with all of this? By throwing myself into activities. Saying yes to things I didn’t quite think I was ready for (like my first solo performance below), planning quick getaways to places like Montreal (solo), and Tulum (not solo). I am pretty sure that I’ve written very recently that this year started out with so much promise and excitement for me and the last half has been an emotional roller coaster. 

I am sorry that my posts have been more personal lately and not as travel-related, but things will get better and overall demeanor and outlook will improve. I’m excited to see where these changes take me, I hope somewhere unexpected and wonderful. 

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites and a long weekend

Friday Favorites and a long weekend