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Friday Favorites and a long weekend

Friday Favorites and a long weekend


The last two weeks have been a blur but have also been an emotional roller coaster. As mentioned in a previous post, my beloved dog of 11.5 years passed away unexpectedly on a Saturday morning and the following weekend my sister got married. So now I have a brother in law!

This weekend I am performing a solo silks act at Aloft Circus Arts as part of their new show called Communion. I have a lot of work to do today and tomorrow and possibly even Sunday - but hopefully Sunday will not be as intense as what I will have to work on today and tomorrow. I am nervous but also excited to perform. On the one hand, it is a bit intimidating to do it alone, but then again, I don't have to worry about being in sync with other people either. So, if I mess up a little, people might not notice. I'm ready to present my act but also ready for a little break now that the wedding is over and I won't have to stress over practicing for my act (I said yes to performing probably before I was actually ready but how else do we grow, right?). After Sunday, I can start looking forward to my short work trip to Denver in a few weeks and then to Montreal two weeks after for FUN.

For now, a few travel links.

The least visited country in Europe. I've been there!

Bookmarking these last minute travel hacks for later. 

Packing for an extended vacation - also bookmarking this.

On that note, (the last link), Prague, or expat living is not off the table for me. It is just on pause. I regret that decision every day. I am sad when I see the TEFL Prague student photos on social media. I should have been one of those. At this point though, I have not written off any country or continent. I loved Prague but am not laser-focused on it. I would live anywhere. I'm keeping my options open. My rough timeline is the end of next year to start getting serious again. I want to get a dog again at some point, but only when I am ready. I have a lot of travel planned for next year, and I have things in my life I need to sort out (student loan debt, renewing a lease, etc) before moving abroad. I want to save as much money as possible and not have any debt when I move. I didn't necessarily mean to end the links post by being a Debbie Downer but that is how I feel right now.


I should be in Paris